Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What you might or might not want to know about me......

First of all... you may be wondering "What is an AppleShell?" Well, when I was little, (and I'm talkin like 2 or 3) I couldn't say April Michelle, I said AppleShell. So that's what I was called for a long time.
Now onto more about me: I am 31 and have been a single mom for about 4 years. I have two beautiful children whom I adore completely. My daughter is 11, and my son is 6.

I just recently moved from Yucaipa, CA to Oceanside, CA to be with my soon-to-be-fiance, David. (At least it better be "soon-to-be-fiance".) I met David in Laughlin on Labor Day weekend of last year, and from the beginning, I've known he is the perfect guy for me. So I quit my job, and with the help of another friend named April, I got a job in Escondido (15 miles South East of Oceanside), and moved to Oceanside to be with my man. In the meantime, my kids are finishing their school year in Yucaipa, and staying between my parents and my ex-husbands parents. (Only for about a month).

I am now working as an Administrative Assistant for and Environmental Firm. It's not as fun as working for the mall, but it sure pays a hell-of-a lot better ;-).

Other things you may want to know about me:

David taught me how to snowboard this past winter. I love to go ride my quad in Glamis (although I didn't make it out there this past season). I type fast. I just started working out, since we have a gym at the condo complex (we'll see how long I stick with it). The only sports I can stand watching for any lenghth of time is MotoCross, SuperCross and The X-Games.

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